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        1. Peel Region homepage

          Regional Council meets today

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          Peel Region

          Delivering essential social services and infrastructure to 1.5 million residents and over 175,000 businesses in Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga. Indigenous acknowledgement.

          Stay connected. Join over 150,000 Peel residents who have signed-up for Connect to Peel.

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          COVID-19 in Peel

          Don’t wait to get your second dose

          We’re now offering both Pfizer and Moderna at all our clinics. This means you can get your preferred vaccine for your second dose. Our clinics are offering appointments and walk-in hours.

          Get your vaccine

          People of Peel

          Vaccine clinics get faster, better

          Workplace Designer Nicole and her team work behind the scenes to get people in and out of our vaccine clinics in record time.

          Watch Nicole's story

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